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Birthday Parties Around the Bonfire  -  Or In the Pavilion  -  or BOTH!

We have hosted Birthdays from Age 1 to 70 -  Toddlers, Kids, Teens and Adults - Milestone and Surprise Birthdays

Do you have a birthday coming up for your child, teen, spouse, friend OR even for yourself.  Want something quite different to do for your party - and something appealing to young kids, teens AND adults alike?  Take a look on what we have to offer in a unique birthday place....and not too far west of Tulsa.  We have heard from several party groups that Firey Trails is unique because it is enjoyable to all ages of party attendees with a little something for everyone.  Firey Trails birthdays can be easily tailored (by you as the planner) for a toddler of two, young child, teen or an adult who is in need of a unique and exclusive party location (we only host one group at a time) to celebrate and get together with all their family and friends.  All it takes is a little pre-planning and creativity to figure out the decor and activities you want your party to include for the three hour time frame allowed in your rate.  (You can also arrive a little early to decorate however you would like.)  We wish we could take full credit at Firey Trails for the great success of our previous parties but we really cannot - we just happen to have had VERY creative party planners and guests.  Although, the regular activities (animals, onsite games, hayrides, etc.) in our offerings can play an integral part in the party activities you have planned, your party can be tweaked to YOUR tastes with your food theme and other "bring your own" activities.  Just tell us what you have in mind and you will find we are very flexible to work with you with whatever activities you would like to include. 

Also, Firey Trails can be enjoyed during the daytime which is great for younger birthday parties, exploring, feeding the animals, and games OR in a different way at night which offers a different atmosphere of the magically lit surroundings (great for teens and birthday parties for adults.)  We even have a sound system for music from your playlist if you so desire.  If the time frame is scheduled just right (knowing what time the sun will set), you can enjoy a little of both daylight and then night surroundings after sunset.  Some things such as animal feeding work well for both since our petting zoo is lit after dark.    Also, we've hosted quite a few surprise birthday parties, quite a few milestone birthdays (or a combination of both-surprise and milestone) OR milestone birthday parties that the birthday person planned themselves.

Since 2008, Firey Trails has evolved into a birthday party place of growing popularity.  Therefore, it pays to plan and schedule early because of our crowded calendar-especially during the Autumn time of the year.  If you are interested in scheduling a party with us, please check our website calendar (updated immediately) and give us a call, text or email.  If the date is in the non-prime time of the year, then just call, text or email to ask.  Please refer to Rates page for cost and a note about our rates for birthday parties below.


RATES - Since Firey Trails is not a venue that is "age specific". rates are based on the total number of people, kids and adults, in your group (as every other group and event are).  Firey Trails has hosted birthday parties from age 1 to age 70, hosted lots a kids groups with a few adult chaperones but also all adult groups with no kids present.  Our rate structure is based on the total number of people (no matter the mix of kids, teens, adults) that will be exclusively accessing our grounds during your scheduled event.





Birthday Parties for Twins  -  TWICE AS NICE !



or a combination of BOTH!


This is an option when there are a couple family members with close birthdays or friends with close birthdays.

This can be a cost effective approach in splitting a birthday celebration between two.


You are welcome to go as elaborate or simple as you'd like as far as the cake and decor of your birthday party.

We've had face painters, photo booths, piñatas and DJ's* brought in for parties.  Its all up to you.  An extra hour is allowed to come set up and decorate for your event.     *on music, we only request music rate "E" for everyone!







Call or Text  918-227-1025


Firey Trails 

19756 W. 61st Street S.  -  Sand Springs, OK  74063

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