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Since we own and manage a couple of websites and it's so easy to archive and access information in this way, I am designating this page to ride FREE and Piggy Back to our Firey Trails website so this information can be accessed from time to time from this page.  I am calling this page FGGF (Full Gospel Grace Fellowship Archives)....and the only reason I am providing this page is that most of this information is not available in such fashion anywhere else online.  I think of myself as a preservationist and growing up in this fellowship since I was young, wanted to share my research with others that might be interested from time to time.  So as I have stated on the other unrelated pages, please disregard header and buttons on the side which relate to the host website.


 Thank you.

Diana Dunn Firey

July 11, 2018  -  Please be sure to check back on a regular basis.  Because of the growing interest of this page, and as time allows, I will will adding much more archival information to this page regarding Sapulpa Beams of Light, O.W. Webb and the Full Gospel Grace Fellowship (plus the Childrens Home), and about the individuals involved along the way.  Thanks for stopping by!

Full Gospel Grace Fellowship (Missionary Fund) / P. O. Box 1054 / Sapulpa, OK  74067 / Carol Hunt Middleton Secretary-Treasurer / 918-227-2099

FGGF MINISTER'S CONVENTION (Call for Information):  Grace Assembly - Pastor Dean Stafford - 12222 S. 129th E. Ave. / Broken Arrow, OK  74011 / 918-455-4024

My name is Diana Dunn Firey.  I launched a website back in 2011 for Sapulpa Beams of Light Church.  This information was originally on that website and since I didn't want it to just be disregarded when the website ended, I decided to make a page on a website I own and operate now so the information can still be attained in online search results.

I grew up going to Beams of Light in Sapulpa from a young girl until the time I was a young adult.  I have many fond memories of the church services, out of town youth rallies and annual summer Youth Camps at Robbers Cave State Park every year.  My parents, Curtis & Deborah Dunn, attended Beams of Light in Sapulpa until their deaths in (hers in 2003 and his in his in 2012).  My great uncle, Raymond Carter on my father's side was a minister and pastor in the fellowship. My grandfather on my motherís side was a renowned minister.  When not a traveling evangelist, he was pastor of a church (Grace Tabernacle) and did a radio broadcast in Los Angeles in the 1930ís and 1940ís.  His name was Gordon Bennington and he also had a newsletter publication called, Rivers of Grace.  He, along with my mother, Deborah Bennington and her first husband, Jay Dee Dunn several of the Webb family, and Harley Hunt, former pastor of Sapulpa Beams of Light and many, many other early saints attended the Grace & Glory Bible College in Kansas City, Missouri.  (Deborah and her first husband, Jay Dee, were married in 1946 by Charles C. Webb at Christian Assembly in Kansas City.)

While researching online (and finding very little at times), I thought it would be valuable to also briefly summarize some of rich roots and background that led up to the founding of the church (such as information on the early Pentecostal revival in the early part of the 20th century, a little background on the Webb Family, and also information on the Grace & Glory Bible School.)

Words highlighted in yellow below will have a future link with much more archival information that can be read.


Charles Chester Webb (1903-1980) (known as Charles C. Webb or C.C. Webb) was the oldest brother of five children of John T. and Rose Etta Webb.  Two of his siblings, Oliver W. Webb (known as O. W. Webb )(1908-1953) and sister Hattie Webb (1905-1997) also became ministers of the gospel.  As so many other young people did in the 1930's and 1940's, Charles, O.W. and Hattie all sat under the teachings of A.S. Copley (Grace & Glory Bible School-Kansas City) and Mary M. Bodie and attended there  around 1930.  A.S. Copley and Mary M. Bodie were greatly influenced by what was called The Revival That Changed A Century that had swept certain parts of the country around 1900 and a few years afterward.  Among other Pentecostal denominations that sprang up from this move of the Holy Spirit was the Pentecostal Grace Movement and its fellowship of churches.
O.W. Webb had established Beams of Light Tabernacle in Tulsa in 1944 and also maintained a children's home both while in Bristow and later in Tulsa.  From 1936, he also had a widely heard "Beams of Light" Radio Broadcast, that at one time was heard coast to coast.  O.W. Webb was also the leader of an undenominational group and a number of churches were established with his help and encouragement.  Besides the far reaching Beams of Light radio broadcast,  the Beams of Light Fellowship Paper he began (with a mailing list of 22,000 at its peak in 1954), became the Full Gospel Grace Fellowship paper and was available and mailed out free of charge on a regular basis (over sixty years later though on a smaller scale than at its peak) until just recently when publication ceased in June of 2017.  Glenn G. Hunt, Senior, was the editor from 1987 until June of 2017.  Glenn G. Hunt Senior passed away July 4, 2018 at the age of 96.  Although publication of the FGGF magazine has ceased, offerings to the missionary fund can still be sent to Full Gospel Grace Fellowship Missionary Fund / P. O. Box 1054 / Sapulpa, OK  74067.
As to the current status of Full Gospel Grace Fellowship, Carol Hunt Middleton is the Secretary/Treasurer and can be reached at P.O. Box 1054 / Sapulpa, OK  74067.  Her phone number is 918-227-2099.  Full Gospel Grace Fellowship is still an ongoing fellowship and missionary organization but Sapulpa Beams of Light Church is no longer affiliated.  The FGGF Ministers Conventions are now held at:  Grace Assembly Church - Pastor Dean Stafford - 12222 S. 129th E. Ave. - Broken Arrow, OK  74011.  Their phone number is 918-455-4024 (if you'd like more information on the dates of the Ministers Convention.)
A.S. Copley Biography by W.J. Franklin 1945  -  123 Pages
Indelible Grace - An Account of Grace Pentecostal Assemblies up to 1990-Compiled by Orville Freestone Jr.-148 Pages
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