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 As I have done on a few other pages, this page is not directly connected with Firey Trails, so please ignore the header, footer and side bars pertaining to the host website.  Thanks.

Prayerful and Passing Thoughts

The entries below are from a blog spot I started in January of 2017 to just be able to journal more philosophically than just to post on Facebook.  (Although I may supply a link to a few of the entries on Facebook, all entries can be found here also.)  Usually these posts will be things I may have observed in my own faith walk and sometimes while I walk around our acreage, but others may be passing thoughts more opinion oriented but all thoughtfully stated.  Since Jesus taught so much with parables, I believe He can use the natural things around us to keep teaching in these modern times.  I'm still feeling my way around on how I want to do this exactly, so expect things to evolve some as I go.   So again, this is kind of a personal "just everyday observances" journal (with definitely nothing earth shattering), but if any others are enriched or blessed by anything shared, then that will be a blessing too.


Blazing A Trail Over Bone Ridge



Natural Paths

In this part of the page, we will be sharing a few natural remedies we ourselves have successfully used and are using.  None of these are new, but most are based on years and years of common knowledge.  These are usually referred to as home remedies.  I'm sure there are many "home remedies" that possibly "wives tales", but there are other remedies that don't use traditional modern medicine that truly do work and we know this because they worked for us.  It is too bad that many people are in one boat of the other.  The majority of people believe only in doctors and traditional medication (with all the side effects)  and then there's others who might believe ONLY in the non-traditional.  Why can't people with common sense believe and reach out to both, ages old natural remedies and modern medicine.  It is our feeling that God placed many everyday free or low cost things around us that can help us if only we knew about them.  The things mentioned and documented below are what we have personal experience with so therefore we state the usual disclaimer.




This page is for educational purposes only.  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products and remedies are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.   We are only relaying our own experiences with these natural health remedies.  Everyone is unique, so proceed with caution and much research.



 I came across Nature's Flu Shot on Facebook in January of 2014.  Since I suffered as much as anyone with colds, congestion and the occasional nasty Flu bug, I researched this thoroughly and started taking this as an immune system boosting preventative.  The various benefits of the active ingredients, garlic, ginger and cayenne pepper can be easily found online.  Individually they have powerful medicinal qualities, but collectively, they are a wonderful immune system booster.

The first time I made it, I following the recipe on the image to the left, but to save time and trouble, I started using juices from concentrate and instead of raw garlic, I used granulated garlic powder, ginger power and cayenne pepper powder.  The juice is strong but definitely fortifies your immune system with one 6 to 8 ounce glass a day.  Since I tweaked the Nature's Flu Shot commonly found online, I called my version "Mornin' Sunshine".  My husband started drinking the juice a month or two after I did when he had congestion and a nagging cough and it soon cleared up.  I now take the "active ingredients" in capsule form to save on the juice and honey calories but I make up a gallon jug of Nature's Flu Shot for my husband every 2-3 weeks or so.

 Although we may have both felt "under par" a few times where our systems were slightly suppressed (in that case, you increase what you're taking), we both have not had a cold nor the flu for three years as of the posting of this article.  My husband and I joke with each other saying that we're just waiting to prove this remedy wrong and one of us to come down with the flu...but hasn't happened yet.*  And we both have been around people that are sick or have been sick for the past three years without catching the bug.

An additional benefit for me personally is that I suffered with seasonal allergies my whole life for as long as I can remember.  My allergies would be bad enough to the point of me feeling miserable and sick from all the symptoms.    But now, sniffles, sneezing fits, watery eyes, congestion, etc. are now a thing of the past since I started taking the Nature's Flu Shot remedy three years ago (in capsule form).  Now I have to see the Allergy Alerts posted on weather forecast in the Spring and Fall, plus see all the many allergy meds commercials to even know there are still allergy problems for many people.

*Update  -  When so many were getting the Flu late fall of 2017 and Winter of 2018, we did both come down with more of a glorified cold, where we did not feel well for a few days.  But still yet, nothing to keep us from going about normal life, no throwing up, nausea, or diarrhea or anything thing of that nature.  So I will call this remedy 95% effective against most bugs, but 100% effective against the Full Blown Flu. 

So here are links to the Nature's Flu Shot / Mornin' Sunshine in regular and gallon quantities:

Nature's Flu Shot / Mornin' Sunshine Smaller Quantity

Nature's Flu Shot / Mornin' Sunshine Gallon+ Quantity


These are the capsules that are available from Natures Way.  I have ordered mine from Amazon, but it does look like there may be less expensive sources.  No matter the source, the expense is minimal and comparable to other supplements.  Again, these represent the active ingredients in the juice form of Mornin' Sunshine.  So as my husband and I take Nature's Flu Shot in different forms, it's all up to your taste and preference.


The dosage may be different on the containers, but


Two of each per day seems to do the trick.





Take capsules with plenty of water to wash them down.  You may occasionally feel a slight burning sensation on the way down from the cayenne, but otherwise, these supplements do not make you feel any different (as some exotic herbal supplements can do sometimes.)


Warning:  Since Ginger is a natural blood thinner, you may need to take this into account if taking blood thinning medication of any kind.

















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