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Since I am a member of the Spit & Whittle Tales of Oklahoma Facebook group and also recently created a Keystone Oklahoma Annual Reunion Facebook group page, and am an avid history buff in my own rite, I created this page for both groups.  The purpose of this page is for purely history archival and preservation and internet sharing purposes.  Viewer should have access from this page to posted photos & documents (with files stored on my external hard drive) and files should come up in google searches.   To save on the cost of a separate website (which comes with an annual hosting cost), I created this page to ride "piggy-back" on my existing Firey Trails website.  So for the purposes of both groups, please disregard the header and side panels which refer to the other non-related pages of Firey Trails.  Thanks  -  Diana Firey




Turkey Track Trail PDF Document       

Turkey Track Trail Map

Turkey Track Trail Key 1



"Bandits From The Basin" by J.W. Firey

Keystone Oklahoma School History from 1948Yearbook












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