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This page will be committed only to preserving some of the early local history in and around the Rock Creek community.  The Rock Creek community is located on the northern edge of Creek County and the southern edge of western Tulsa County in the state of Oklahoma with 61st Street being the dividing line.

Joseph William Firey came from Edinburg, Illinois in 1913 to soon settle along the banks of Rock Creek.  The Firey family has been right in this area for almost 100 years since and has seen and lived a lot of "history" in this time. 

(Since our Firey Trails website is now well established, the addition of this informative historical web page might as well ride piggy-back to be a resource to other history lovers who happen upon this site.)  Look for future PDF downloadable file information on Rock Creek Park, the Old Sorghum Mill, Rock Creek Chapel, Pumpkin Center, Pleasant Valley School, Turkey Track Trail, the old Root Rock House and other interesting sites.  We may also tell about a few historical happenings in the area.

Most of this information will be based on personal and telephone interviews with Kathern Firey Thomas and J. W. "Bill" Firey (photo on left - whom we affectionately call Aunt Kathern and Uncle Bill*.)  They are the two remaining children of Joseph W. Firey, Sr. and are both witnesses to much of the history we will be writing about.  They both seem to have the ability to reach back in time and colorfully describe all the details of these events as if it were yesterday.  Without their first hand accounts, this page certainly would not be possible.

*Since this page was first created, Uncle Bill (J.W. "Bill" Firey, Jr. passed away on June 6, 2010 at the age of 84.)



Note to any interested viewer who happens upon this page:  If you just happened to find one of the references above through a search engine and have a true story or photos to add about a specific subject, please contact me through my automated form below or by phone and we will gladly attempt to weave your information in with our Firey family's account.  If you have a photo and live in the Tulsa area, I can take a photo of your photo to add to the resources available.

Please check back soon because I plan to post regular updates as time allows.

Thanks - Diana Firey



List of PDF History Files

Detailed History of Pleasant Valley School - Creek County, Oklahoma-Edition 07-28-09

Tiger Bone Cemetery, Historic Hallowed Ground -Edition 05-21-09

Pumpkin Center General Store & Community - Creek County, Oklahoma 09-09-11

Rock Creek Park - Circa 1940s & 1950s Vintage Signs

Indian Pioneer History Project of Oklahoma - Timmie Fife Interview










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