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 NEW FOR 2022  !!!

We have a 14x16 Full Kitchen Building behind our Pavilion that all groups are welcome to use for your event.

We also have moved our indoor picnic tables outdoors and now have comfortable folding chairs and white folding tables for seating indoors.  See Thumbnail Pics Below



●    One to Four 30 minute hayrides on trails located on our private grounds.  To have hayrides is a one time $50 charge extra during non-prime months when we are not already set up for them.

●  Your group (birthday party, school or church outing, company picnic) has full private, exclusive access to the grounds and facilities, and full kitchen while you are here.

●  Lighted 25x40 climate controlled log pavilion with new comfortable chairs and white folding tables - seating approximately 50 people (see photos above). Six 8' picnic tables have been moved outdoors and is additional seating.  plus 5 serving tables configured for your food set-up (your group provides all food).  Pavilion also has ceiling fans.  We also have a good quantity of other folding tables and chairs for larger groups.  Tables are cleaned before each event.  Pavilion can be open in nice weather with half glass garage-type door in front.  Pavilion can hold around 100.

●  Lighted and electrified all purpose log building nearby called the "Timber House" available for extra seating and accessible to your group.

●  Electricity provided inside the pavilion for your slow cookers, etc.  We also can provide a Gas Grill available for group use in grilling and heating metal pots of food.  A burner on the grill can heat water piping hot for cider and hot chocolate.  Most groups bring food such as hotdog materials, smors, etc., but you are welcome to bring anything you'd like.  All groups are welcome to utilize our full kitchen starting in 2022.

●  Lots of soft ambient Treetop Lighting covering 2-3 acres of the grounds including the parking area, kids playground and also an accent Red Rope Light lining the fence in the distant field.  The lighting of the pavilion and bench area, lit fence along the peninsula on the pond and the petting zoo area add to the charm of the fire pit.  Besides our lit lattice fence, another focal point is a lit footbridge over the pond area beyond the fire pit.

●  Modern Restroom Facility onsite.  One of these rooms has a wrap around ramp for handicap use.  Restrooms are cleaned and outfitted for supplies before each event.

Lighted Ample Parking and turnaround area for a bus.

●  Large firepit with Maintained Bonfire throughtout the event with a supply of firewood nearby.

●  Large 5 sided Bench Seating for approx. 50 people available around fire pit.  A second fire pit can be provided for larger groups.

●  Plenty of long Stainless Steel Rosting Forks for wieners and marshmallows.  Although blackened with repeated us, these are cleaned over before each event.

●  Large Mowed Field nearby for games with grass Volleyball Court with Net, etc. (as daylight allows) and lighted Half-Size basketball court.  Lighted Kids Playground is near pavilion.  For games such as Capture the Flag, lots of woods are all around us.

●  Feed and pet the goats, donkeys and rabbits onsite.

●  A small sound system or Amplifier is provided at no extra charge for an iPod MP3 playlist (ONLY music rated "E" for Everyone, please.  -  Please also tell this to your DJ if one is working your event.)   Please tell us ahead of time if you'd like this so we can have it ready.

●  Ring the Old Fashioned Dinner Bell to assemble your group when the food is ready.



ON INITIAL VISITS FOR PROSPECTIVE EVENTS OR FOLLOW-UP VISITS FOR SCHEDULED EVENTS  Whether our Firey Trails gate happens to be open or closed, any initial look-over of the grounds and all follow-up visits for whatever reason, must be set up in advance where someone can meet with you.  Ray Firey and Diana Firey are both here on Saturdays and this is a convenient day to meet with us.  With another business and lots to do around our grounds, impromptu visits are not welcome nor are we set up for that.  Sometimes are gate is closed but sometimes it is open since the residence on the grounds is occupied.  Firey Trails is only considered to be OPEN while an event is going on and the grounds are private property otherwise and are not open to the public or for any unannounced visits.  All Firey Trails visits must be arranged in advance  -  for one(s) who may schedule or ones who have already scheduled.  We've had an unannounced impromptu follow-up visit before and then were criticized afterwards because neither of us could be found to meet with the unannounced visitors who did not take the effort or time to set up a time for us to meet with them.  We invite people to call or email us to set up a time to look us over and have done this many times.  We just request that the right channels be taken in doing this.  Thank you.

NOTE:  Cell phone coverage at Firey Trails is spotty.  US Cellular seems to work the best.  Also, Wi-Fi internet is sometimes intermittent so playlists should be downloaded to be on the safe side.



Firey Trails 

19756 W. 61st Street S.  -  Sand Springs, OK  74063


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