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Meet the two newest members of the Firey Flock. born 8-7-17  -  Taffy and Frosty


Since Firey Trails is surrounded by woods, we've seen a lot of wildlife through the years, but we mainly have our Firey Trials Farm Friends that we feed and interact with every day.



From Left to Right:  This is Ricky, Sami, Lucy, and Bambi, the Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  They love to be petted and fed (mainly fed) by our Firey Trails guests.  We hope to breed them and have babies and milk for cheese and soap at some point.

Guests enjoy even looking at our chickens.  We have ten of them and enjoy the delicious country eggs.

Meet Henny Penny, our one legged chicken.  Just "pulling your leg" (ha ha).  She just happens to be a very slow strutter and stands there with one leg in the air for quite a while.

We've had ducks for a lot of years, and overall, they seem to survive for a couple seasons or so before either chicken hawks, great horned owls or coyotes finally get them. 

We mostly raise our ducks from little babies.  What's so funny, when we finally try to put them in the pond from the pen, they are absolutely terrified to go into the water at first (never having experienced it before), and we have to chase them  down the bank or release them from our canoe in the middle of the pond.  It just takes a few seconds for them to figure out that living in the water was what they were created for...and then the joy when they discover that.

Our current flock of ducks.

Rabbits in the Rabbit Hutch

Jay Jay the Donkey



































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