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Call or Text 918-227-1025 to reach us.  If calling, please leave voicemail.  Since 99% of our incoming calls are spam, scams and solicitations, we no longer answer unknown numbers.  However, if home, we always return legitimate Firey Trails inquiries immediately or will do so upon returning.  Email is also a great way to reach us at - these are forwarded to our smartphones.  Thank you for your understanding.



To declutter our Rate Page, we have added a RATE INFORMATION PAGE to give you everything you need to know about our rates.  Thanks.



ANTICIPATED GROUP SIZE NON-PRIME EVENT FEE     (For all dates and time frames except those at right)  But beginning 2020, please add $50 if hayride(s) are wanted (as these require special set up outside the Prime Months) PRIME EVENT FEE  Weekend Evening Time Frames in Sept - October - November - Mid December    Typical # of Hayrides*
1-30 $250 $300 1 - 2
31-40 $275 $325 1 - 2
41-50 $300 $350 2 - 3
51-60 $325 $375 2 - 3
61-70 $350 $400 3 - 4
71-80 $375 $425 3 - 4
81-90 $400 $450 3 - 4
91-100 $425 $475 4
101-110 $450 $500 4+  *
111-120 $475 $525 4+  *
121-130 $500 $550 4+  *
131-140 $525 $575 4+  *
141-150 $550 $600 4+  *

For events that are not typical (typical being a simple one time 3 hour event), and are non-typical such as weddings, Firey Trails is sharing the calendar and grounds with a separate venue  - Wood Creek Weddings, operated by Firey daughter, Angela Firey.  A Website for Wood Creek Weddings is currently under construction but can be found at Wood Creek Weddings



Our rates are the same as in the past few previous years.  However, there is one change.  Beginning in 2020, please add $50 to the Non-Prime rate if hayride(s) are wanted (as these require special set up outside the Prime Months).  This only applies to events outside the prime months of September, October and December.  The reason for this is that our venue (as it has expanded and grown) is not as much hayride based as in earlier years (some groups don't even want a hayride), plus the fact, we are only set up continuously for hayrides only during the Prime Months.  It takes special setup (and break-down) outside of these months for the more sporadic events that we host in the Non-Prime Months.  Thanks for your understanding.


A Typical Event Priced Above covers a Three Hour Time Frame.  We do allow guests to come up to 1 hour early for set-up and decoration for your three hour event (example-for a birthday party.) 

Some guests request longer than the 1+3 hours standard time frame (1 for setup and 3 for your event).  If you would like extra time over the allotted 1+3 hours, please figure an extra $60 per hour or $30 per Half Hour.  Also please tell us upon scheduling your date and time frame.  Thank you.



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