DAYS & HOURS OPEN           Firey Trails ONLY schedule events   in advance and our gate is  only open during the event time.  Otherwise we are  closed in between events and to the general public. Thanks.


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ANTICIPATED GROUP SIZE NON-PRIME EVENT FEE     (For all dates and time frames except those at right)  January through August & December Afternoons & Evenings PRIME EVENT FEE      (For Prime Weekend Friday, Saturday & Sunday Evenings Only in September, October, November) Typical # of Hayrides*
1-30 $250 $300 1 - 2
31-40 $275 $325 1 - 2
41-50 $300 $350 2 - 3
51-60 $325 $375 2 - 3
61-70 $350 $400 3 - 4
71-80 $375 $425 3 - 4
81-90 $400 $450 3 - 4
91-100 $425 $475 4
101-110 $450 $500 4+  *
111-120 $475 $525 4+  *
121-130 $500 $550 4+  *
131-140 $525 $575 4+  *
141-150 $550 $600 4+  *


A Typical Event Priced Above covers a Three Hour Time Frame.  We do allow guests to come up to 1 hour early for set-up and decoration for your three hour event (example-for a birthday party.) 

Some guests request longer than the 1+3 hours standard time frame (1 for setup and 3 for your event).  If you would like extra time over the allotted 1+3 hours, please figure an extra $60 per hour or $30 per Half Hour.  Also please tell us upon scheduling your date and time frame.  Thank you.

Typical Time Frames

Friday Evenings:  6:00-9:00 or 6:30-9:30 / Saturday Afternoons 2:00-5:00 / Saturday Evenings 5:00-8:00 or 6:00-9:00/ Sunday Evenings 5:00-8:00

Of course, these times are only typical, if you would like another time frame, please ask us.


*  On the larger number of people, we will do as many hayrides as are necessary or as many as time allows in the approximate three hour time frame.  We have also found that not all visitors choose to go on a hayride.


PLEASE BE AWARE ABOUT OUR RATES Since Firey Trails is not a venue that is "age specific". rates are based on the total number of people, kids and adults, in your group.  Firey Trails has hosted birthday parties from age 1 to age 70, hosted lots a kids groups with a few adult chaperones but also all adult groups with no kids present.  Our rate structure is based on the number of people (no matter the mix of kids, teens, adults) that will be exclusively accessing our grounds during your scheduled event.



As a rule, we only accept cash or check only.  (Sorry, we are not officially set up for credit card payments.)

Upon scheduling your event with us, a $75 check is to be mailed to us that will secure your event and will be deducted from your balance due.

Mail To:

Firey Trails  -  20102 W. 61st Street S.  -  Sand Springs, OK  74063


The Full Balance is Due (less deposit) at the Time of Your Event and before you leave our Venue.

Thank You





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