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Since we own and manage a few websites and it's so easy to share things in PDF form, I am designating this page to ride FREE and Piggy Back to our Firey Trails website so I can share unrelated postings from time to time in places like Facebook just by sharing this it can be in conjunction to the Facebook page created, Rock Creek Annual Reunion.  I am calling this page "Firey Family Calendar Archives" if you're enjoying information posted on this page, please disregard the surrounding borders that only relate to our enterprise of Firey Trails and not to this unrelated web page.  Thanks....and thanks for looking this up.  - Diana Firey


We made a few family calendars through the years with stories, writings and other original collections on them.  But the majority of calendars were just date and address information.  Below we will list Links to the various writings by Month and Year of the calendars that had special collections on them.  I got the idea to put these online when my son Chris asked me about being able to personally read the 1992 calendar-he was only 3 when it was made.  So we made these online since calendars may have been misplaced (we had to borrow several from Linda because we haven't located our own copies yet), plus the younger ones in the 1990's and 2007 may have not seen or read these personal family written contributions, and one contributor, David Firey, is gone now. We hope everyone enjoys reading these, whether seeing for the first time or going down memory lane.

The 2022 Calendar is now OLD NEWS.  Here is what you've been waiting for, the New and Improved 15 Month 2023 PLUS Calendar (Plus Jan-Feb-Mar of 2024.)  Better late than never and I really enjoyed a walk down Rock Creek's Memory Lane.  The calendar can be viewed and printed (and info will always be available on this page) but Keepsake Hard Copies are also availabe for $8 each.  Click on the Cover Image to View and Print 35 Page PDF Calendar

Below is a link for just the Newspaper Content and No Calendar Information - Click on Image

Link to 2022 Calendar Writings Only with no Calendar or Contact Informaiton




1992 - This was the very first calendar and was a Tribute to Dad (died 03-06-89) and Mom (died 09-12-91) Firey.  The calendar contains poems and other writings by the Firey Children up to that time.



1994  -  Life on Rock Creek by J.W. "Bill" Firey Jr. (Uncle Bill) - Volume 1 (Page Links are all separate)

January - Little Red Jeep Vs the Cesspool

February  -  My Little Friend From Long Ago

March  -  The White Tornado

April  -  The Bug-Eyed Burglar

May  -  The Electrifying Card Game

June  -  The Storm of 1935

July  -  The Days of the Old Sorghum Mill

August  -  The Big One That Got Away

September - Uncle Earl and the Great Sting

October - The Spooks of the Sawbuck Place

November - The Cats of Cedar Hollow

December - The Rabbit Tale


1995  -  Memories of the Growing Up Years by the Firey Kids -  Topics in Order:  1-Sibling Rivalry2-Funny Incidents  3-Favorite Pets

4-Personal Vehicles  5-Memorable Phrases  6-Unjust Punishment  7-Favorite Outdoor Recreation  8-Times in the Cellar

9-Vacation Memories  10-Funny Vacation Memory  11-Favorite Place Around the Place  12-Construction on the Family Home

13-Enterprises as a Kid  14-Chores, Chores, Chores  15-Most Disliked Chores  16-Work Memories  17-Birthday or Christmas Memories

18-More Birthday and Christmas Memories  19-Mom & Dad Proud Moments or Qualities  20-Special Routine Memories with Mom & Dad

21-Mom & Dad's Unselfishness  22-Mom's Cooking  23-Dad's Skills Handed Down  24-Nick Names  25-Mom & Dad's Encouragement

Ending Thoughts and Reflections


1996  -  Life on Rock Creek by J.W. "Bill" Firey Jr. (Uncle Bill) - Volume 2  (Page Links are all separate)

January - My Last Winter at Home with Mom and Dad

February - Splitting Posts in the Freezing Cold

March - A Friend In Need

April - Struggling Through the Hard Years

May - Fire in the Corn Crib

June - Tragedy At Sunrise

July - The Little Log House in the Woods

August - The Days of Charley and Edith

September - Wagon Load of Cotton / Missing Billfold / Roping the Rabbit

October - Evening of Terror / The Dog I Had to Kill

November - The Black and White Stallion - Part 1

December - The Black and White Stallion - Part 2


2007  -  Letters Home by John Kenneth Firey between the years of 1942 and 1944 during World War 2


2011 was the last calendar published (dates and addresses only) until we have resumed the calendar ten years later for 2021.  We called this installment "In His Own Words" in memory of David Firey from his own writings.  A couple months were printed horizontally (link below) for a long poem he wrote while in Vietnam, but otherwise the other ten months are vertically online with photos below


Horizontal Pages with "My Year In Vietnam" by David Firey September-October 2021




Stay Tuned for more Calendar writings in the future!




























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