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Our New Firey Trails Display with a Splash of Fall

Do you have a church, school, organization or other group and would like to schedule a family friendly group hayride event, birthday party, picnic or other outing? Do you want to simply celebrate the colorful, crisp seasonal beauty of God’s creation in a rustic setting and enjoy your event around the bonfire? If you do, then we have what you need….Firey Trails of Tulsa.

We are Ray and Diana Firey and have been hosting reserved-in-advance hayride group events on our 60 acre rural property west of Sand Springs since 1989 to various churches and groups from the Tulsa area. Come enjoy an old fashioned hayride on our private grounds underneath the tall timber on the banks of Rock Creek.

Escape from the city lights and take in the breathtaking glitter of the stars and the luminous harvest moon on a clear night. Explore the rich history of the land beneath you—from hearing the late 19th century Indian lore about those buried at nearby Tiger Bone Cemetery to wildcatters’ dry holes and prohibition era moonshine still sites on the property. 

Our location is only a 35 minute drive from downtown Tulsa.  Our Firey Trails signs begin at the 41st and Coyote Trail fork - the fork is 5.3 miles west of the Quik Trip on the SW corner of 41st Street and Highway 97 in south Sand Springs (Prattville) and Firey Trails is only 3 miles further a little more west, south and then back east on 61st Street

Events Around the Bonfire just 35 minutes west of Tulsa - Birthdays, Group Outings, Company Picnics









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