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We have decluttered this main calendar page so please go to Calendar Information for all you need to know about our calendar and time frames.  Then come back to this page for the main calendar listing and links.  Thank you.



(We do not have any interactive method of scheduling online other than communicating by phone, text or email.)

Call or Text 918-227-1025 to reach us.  If calling and you don't want to text, please leave voicemail.  Since 99% of our incoming calls are spam, scams and solicitations, we screen all unknown numbers.  However, if home, we always return legitimate Firey Trails inquiries immediately or will do so upon returning.  Email is also a great way (and faster) to reach us at - these are forwarded to our smartphones and we are immediately notified on these.  Thank you for your understanding.

2021 Reservations

01 Michelle Mc Saturday  -  6:00-9:00 February 6th 01-26-21 Haley's 18th Birthday Party
02 Beth B. Saturday  -  6:00-9:00 March 6th 10-19-20 Vow Renewal Celebration
03 Kelly W. Friday  -  6:30-9:30 April 9th 03-24-21 Jolie's 17th Birthday Party -
04 Shannon C. Saturday  -  4:00-7:00 April 17th 02-22-21 Pre-Deployment Party for Casey
05 Tammy E. Saturday - 5:00-10:00 April 24th 04-03-21 Sapulpa Road Church of God Youth Group (2nd Year) -
06 Hillary R. Saturday  -  5:00-9:00 May 8th 03-12-21 Gabi's 30th Birthday Party
07 Amber M. Saturday  -  6:00-9:00 May 22nd 05-01-21 Union High School Soccer Club
08 --- Saturday - 11:00-3:00 June 19th June-2020 Carter 41st Annual Reunion -
09 Trevor S. Weds Eve - 7:00-10:00 June 23rd 05-31-21 Carley's 16th Birthday Party
10 Deb M. Friday  - 8:00-10:00 October 1st 05-11-21 Church of Saint Benedict Youth (2nd Year) w
11 Shevaun E. Friday  -  6:00-9:00 October 8th Oct-2020 Town & Country School  6:00-9:00 (14th Annual Fall Picnic)
12 Mike C. Saturday  -  5:30-8:30 October 16th 10-17-20 Collier Family Gathering (3rd Year) w
13 Tonia G. Friday  -  6:00-10:30 October 22nd 05-24-21 IHCRC Picnic & Stomp Dance
    Sunday  -  All Day October 24th   Date Not Available  
    Friday Evening October 29th   Date Not Available  
    Saturday  -  All Day October 30th   Date Not Available  
14 Stacey S. Friday - 6:00-9:00 November 5th 05-24-21 Guy Engineering Company Picnic
15 Misti R. Saturday - 6:00-9:00 November 6th 07-24-21 Edison HS Prep Band (3rd Year) w
16 Karla D. Sunday Aft.  4:00-7:00 November 7th Nov-2020 Girl Scouts (10th Year)

For events that are not typical (typical being a simple one time 3 hour event), and are non-typical such as weddings, Firey Trails is sharing the calendar and grounds with a separate venue  - Wood Creek Weddings, operated by the Firey daughter, Angela. WCW is not operational yet, but a website for Wood Creek Weddings is currently under construction and listing can be found at Wood Creek Weddings 


Calendar Pages not Yet set up for 2022

As we have several perennial groups that schedule every year, we allow groups to schedule a year in advance for their chosen Fall date.  Above is the link to Next Year's Calendar Page


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