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We have decluttered this main calendar page so please go to Calendar Information for all you need to know about our calendar and time frames.  Then come back to this page for the main calendar listing and links.  Our mobile site does have all events scheduled going forward but nothing else - calendar-wise. Thank you.



(We do not have any interactive method of scheduling online other than communicating by phone, text or email.)

You can call or Text 918-227-1025 to reach us but calls go to voicemail if we are gone and also for unknown calls.  We have to do this because of the high volume of spam and scam calls to our line.  We actually will see an email faster since these are relayed to our smartphones.  If calling and you don't want to text, please leave voicemail.   However, if home, we always return legitimate Firey Trails inquiries immediately or will do so upon returning.  Our email address is - Thank you for your understanding.

NEW SCHEDULING POLICY  -  We often let organized groups schedule in the distant future or the next year AND also repeat groups who want a favorite date in the Fall, etc.  But our new scheduling policy for any first time individuals-for any kind of personal event-is that we will only put a date on the calendar if it is scheduled within 90 days of the requested date. We used to collect deposits to secure an event, but no longer do that.  And with too many first-time people changing their minds and plans as their date approaches-after scheduling an event sometimes months in advance-we would rather avoid all of the time, effort, and the back and forth communication in putting an event on the calendar in the first place.  Thank you for your understanding.


2023 Reservations

01 Madylan Sat. Aft. 3:00-6:00 April 1st 03-02-23 A First Birthday Party --
02 Bailey Sat. Eve. 5:00-8:00 April 15th 03-30-23 Nolan's & Logan's 6th Birthday Party  
03 --- Sat. Aft. 11:00-3:00 June 17th --- Carter 43rd Family Reunion --
04 -- Sunday  -  All Day September 10th --- Rock Creek 69th Reunion --
05 Laura E. Sun. Eve  -  5:00-8:00 October 8th 11-30-22 Our Finest Hour Church Picnic --
06 Crystal C. Fri. Eve.  -  6:00-9:00 October 13th 10-14-22 Town & Country School HS (15th Year) --
07 Mike C. Sat. Eve. - 5:30-8:30 October 14th 10-14-22 Collier Family Gathering (5th Year) --
08 Misti R. Sat. Eve. - 6:00-9:00 November 4th 05-26-26 Edison Prep HS Band (4th Year) --
09 Karla D. Sun. Eve.  -  4:00-7:00 November 5th 11-06-22 Girl Scouts (11th year) --


For events that are not typical (typical being a simple one time 3 hour event), and are non-typical such as weddings, Firey Trails is sharing dates on the calendar and grounds with a separate venue  - Wood Creek Weddings, operated by the Firey daughter, Angela Firey-Stewart. WCW is not operational yet, but a website for Wood Creek Weddings is currently under construction and listing can be found at Wood Creek Weddings 


We have not set up our Next Year's Calendar Page but will later in the year.




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