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Our schedule is very flexible.  We are technically open year round from February 1st until the 2nd weekend in December (closed last half of December through January) with our peak time always being the Fall.  February and March can sometimes pose weather conditions which may require flexibility on everyone's part regarding the outdoor activities that are usually included in an event, but we are open to scheduling during those months but events may need to be less the hayrides because of the weather. We do not have week days listed but are also open to scheduling through the week (especially when weekend dates are sparse.)  Please call or email to check on availability.  Call well in advance to schedule any dates in the autumn time of the year (especially week-ends in October & November), as this is always our two peak months and these dates fill up fast.  (Also we allow pre-scheduling by several perennial groups for the next year so prime dates, especially in October, are hard to find late in the year.)  As you can see from the table below, we are open to scheduling other dates throughout the year - call for availability.



Recommended Hayride Time Frame:  The typical Event usually fits well into a time frame of three (3) hours  -  start to finish.  We are slightly flexible on this but find a 3 hour time frame seems to be ample in most cases for the hayrides, campfire fellowship or singing, games & activities, exploring, etc.).  If extra time is desired (besides the set-up hour + 3 hour event time, please figure $30 per 30 minutes of $60 per hour and arrange ahead of time).  The most practical and typical time frames are listed below and work well with work and school schedules and our own Firey Trails schedule.  The Saturday time frames need to be scheduled to allow an hour or an hour and a half of time in between for preparation between events.  However, we are open to tweaking the time frames to your liking if at all possible. 


Typical Time Frames

(These are only suggestions based on what is chosen most of the time and what also works best for us with our non-Firey Trails family schedule.)

Friday Evenings / 6:30-9:30

Saturday Afternoons / 2:00-5:00  (Because of staffing on our main business - any events in this earlier time frame are without hayrides)

Saturday Evenings / 5:00-8:00 or 6:00-9:00

Sunday Evenings / 5:00-8:00



(We do not have any interactive method of scheduling online other than communicating by phone, text or email.)

Call or Text (918-227-1025) to reach us.  If calling, please leave voicemail.   However, this is our least favorite way in communication. Because 99% of our incoming calls are spam, scams and solicitations.  we no longer answer unknown numbers.  However, if home, we always return legitimate Firey Trails inquiries immediately or will do so upon returning.  Email is also a great way to reach us at - these are forwarded to our smartphones.  Thank you for your understanding.

ON INITIAL VISITS FOR PROSPECTIVE EVENTS OR FOLLOW-UP VISITS FOR SCHEDULED EVENTS  Whether our Firey Trails gate happens to be open or closed, any initial look-over of the grounds and all follow-up visits for whatever reason, must be set up in advance where someone can meet with you.  Ray Firey and Diana Firey are both here on Mondays and this is a convenient day to meet with us, but appointments may also be set up for through the week (but this is usually not as convenient for us).  With another main business and lots to do around our grounds, impromptu visits are not welcome nor are we set up for that.   Firey Trails is only considered to be OPEN while an event is going on and the grounds are private property otherwise and are not open to the public or for any unannounced visits.   We invite people to call or email us to set up a time to look us over and have done this many times.  We just request that the right channels be taken in doing this.  Thank you.


Unless a set up time has been pre-arranged for your time frame, we do not usually open our gate until 15 minutes before setup time or an event.  Thank you.








Firey Trails 

19756 W. 61st Street S.  -  Sand Springs, OK  74063


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