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WHEN IT COMES TO SCHEDULING A DATE:  We would love to be able to put your event on our calendar.  But because scheduling is a lot of administrative work to do (updating two website calendars), we do ask you to be fairly serious and certain that you'd like us to schedule an event for a birthday party or group.  We know unforeseen things happen after scheduling sometimes to where dates need to be cancelled or changed (this can't be helped).  But we want to avoid what are actually TENTATIVE dates on the scheduler's end - when we treat them only as FIRM dates on our end.  Example, someone schedules an upcoming birthday party, the date is put on the calendar (and this alone is not a simple one step action and takes several minutes to do) and a dozen emails are exchanged back and forth with questions, etc. - all information needed is on our website in one place or another.  And then after all of that, the person scheduling just changes their mind and cancels the date (for whatever reason).  Besides, all the work on our end already involved, and hoping there is time to re-schedule your previously RESERVED DATE, there is some work involved removing the date from the calendar and arranging the schedule again.  So all of that to say this, we'd love to schedule a date for you, but please be certain that you really WANT to schedule a Firey Trails date (and are not going to change your mind later-for whatever reason).  Some people have scheduled just as a way to HOLD a date while they're making up their minds.  This is unfair to a venue such as us.  To any future scheduler - thank you for your thoughtfulness, courtesy and consideration when it comes to scheduling a date.

 It is best to reach us by email at   Old previous phone (918-227-1025) number for Firey Trails was inundated with spam so it is no longer a viable way to reach us.  Diana Firey will share her personal mobile number for texting back and forth with coordinators.  But please email first to set up scheduling. 


Reserved Groups are shown.  Unless otherwise marked, Friday Evenings Saturday afternoons and evenings and Sunday Late Afternoons or Evenings are Available for scheduling.   Email to ask about these or any other days of the week.

Typical Times:  Friday Evenings 6:00-9:00 up to 7:00-10:00

Saturday Evenings:  5:00-8:00 up to 7:00-10:00  (In Addition, Saturday Afternoons are also available with certain conditions).

Sunday Afternoons:  3:00-6:00 up to 7:00-10:00




2024 Fall Calendar Months

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These Calendars Last Updated on 06-25-24



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Firey Trails 

19756 W. 61st Street S.  -  Sand Springs, OK  74063




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