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(Annual Carter Reunion)

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KOAR-Keystone Oklahoma Annual Reunion



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Rock Creek Highlights of History


Tiger Bone Cemetery


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Since we own and manage a few websites and it's so easy to share things in PDF form, I am designating this page to ride FREE and Piggy Back to our Firey Trails website so I can share unrelated postings from time to time in places like Facebook just by sharing this it can be in conjunction to the Facebook page created, Carter Annual Reunion Oklahoma.  I am calling this page "Carter Annual Reunion Oklahoma" if you're enjoying information posted on this page, please disregard the surrounding borders that only relate to our enterprise of Firey Trails and not to this unrelated web page.  Thanks....and thanks for looking this up.  - Diana Firey

Links to Carter Related Photos

01  -  LINNIE and Descendants

02  -  EDNA and Descendants

TRUDY-Nancy Carol Noteware 1951








03  -  BUD and Descendants

04  -  ED and Descendants

05  -  RAYMOND and Descendants

06 - IRA and Descendants

07  -  ETHEL and Descendants

08  -  MILDRED and Descendants

09  -  CLEO and Descendants

10  -  LLOYD and Descendants

11  -  ALVIE and Descendants

12  -  AULDON and Descendants






































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